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Legal Ideas Factory is based in central London. It is a creative, innovative, legal venture providing legal education, including individual coaching, consultancy and information in an accessible way. Our goal is to get people thinking in new and imaginative ways and to stimulate ideas about law in its wide sense including politics, human rights and social justice so that we – including you – can use these ideas to create something positive, innovative and just. We encourage free-thinking and creativity in a respectful, fair, inclusive manner.

The services we provide – have a look at ‘What We Do’ to see what we mean – seek to stimulate critical debate about law’s purpose and its connection to real people and the societies in which we live in the 21st Century. Visual representations, including comics, graphics and videos, are a way to access, understand and help us deal with, difficult ideas and horrific events. We will use these throughout, with a special focus in our Legal Manga Mash Up Section.

​​​​​This is not a law firm. However, our creative founder, Professor Jill Marshall, is a full qualified practising solicitor so please get in touch and see Legal Practice Consultancy for more information.

In addition to our founder, Jill Marshall. we have a small team of lawyers, academics and top students, and draw on leading guest editors and contributors who are leaders in their fields from universities, legal practice, journalism, industry, creative, religious, human rights and social enterprise organisations, and those involved in social activism. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Although based in Shoreditch in central London, our changing expert contributors are based around the U.K. and in other countries, and we are international and cosmopolitan in scope and we provide services virtually.

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